Food handlers need to have proper food handlers permit, and MyCertify trains food handlers to do just that. MyCertify provides courses for food handlers, including chefs, bartenders, servers, among others.

Many eateries refuse to hire food managers with no food handlers card or at least give preference to food handlers with certifications while recruiting. Hence, it has become imperative for food managers to find a reliable course and get certified.

We often see that many food handlers look at food handling courses as a mere necessity. This approach won’t make sure that food managers are attaining information through the courses. Hence, the development of an aesthetically pleasing course material, which is easy to access and get through, is essential.

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Do you want to know why MyCertify is the best in the business?

Here are some of our key features:

# Self-Paced

Since MyCertify conducts online courses, patrons are allowed to complete their courses and get certified in their free time at their own pace.

# Multi-Language

MyCertify provides training in English, Espanol, and Mandarin; thus, it easier to complete the training and the certification.

# Validity

MyCertify course certifications hold a five-year validity throughout the globe.

# ANSI Accreditation

Our course programs are ANSI accredited and designed under international food and safety guidelines. Government officials verify our course material, we peer-review our assignments.

# Supports the Hand-Held Devices

We understand that the world is always on the go. At MyCertify, we have developed an online course that supports devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This makes it easier to complete the course on the go.

# Nation-Wide Recognition

The MyCertify course and certification is accredited nation-wide. This makes finding a job easier for you if you change cities. If you have the certification, it will be easier for you to find a job than to find a house.

# Trustable and Reliable

MyCertify is an authorize.net-verified merchant. We are proven as a trusted payment source and a reliable organization. Therefore, you can entrust your personal information to us.

# Corporate Accounts

We understand that a large food-related corporation will have multiple food handlers. It is always better to ensure that all employees are aware of and follow food safety measures. This can be ensured if all the food managers are taking food handlers class online and getting certified. Hence, MyCertify provides corporate account options to our customers.

Corporate customers may contact us to learn about our corporate account scheme, along with the pricing and course information. We can work with each other and create a plan that best suits all the involved parties.

# Reminders

MyCertify understands that customers may not remember or keep track of the certification’s expiry date since there is a five-year validation period. Well, sweat not! MyCertify does that for you. All you have to do is update your email address in our system, and we will send reminders, starting from 3 months before the expiration date.

Don’t worry! We do not intend to spam your inbox. We only mean to let you know that the certification will be expiring soon since you might want to prepare to retake the test.

MyCertify provides training courses for food managers to handle all food items and beverages, right from the time when the raw materials arrive at the time they are cooked and served to the customers.

MyCertify has developed different training programs to ensure that all the needs of food managers are fulfilled. Here are the details of these training courses:

# Food Handler Online Course

Since most of the states have mandated the food handler certification, we have seen a surge in the number of patrons signing up for the Food Handler Online Course. However, we did not want the quantity to hamper the quality.

At MyCertify, we have created a user-friendly, engaging, and easily accessible course to ensure that all our patrons can grasp the knowledge required for becoming a certified food handler.

A food handler needs to be aware of dietary restrictions and allergies to ensure zero customer casualties. Also, food handlers play a massive part in ensuring food safety. Food safety is essential to avoid the spreading of food diseases due to viruses and bacteria.

Our food handler training takes less than 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. However, the course is self-paced. Therefore, patrons can complete the course at their own pace.

The Food Handler Online Course has been designed to match each state’s food safety rules and regulations. Hence, the tests related to the specific states are different from each other. There are 40 questions in the test, and the number of questions that you must answer correctly to complete the test and get certified varies concerning the city that you’re from.

# T.A.B.C Course

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission course is an online course that provides information on handling alcohol and alcoholic beverages at an eatery.

Contrary to popular belief, selling alcohol to a person who is already drunk is a criminal offense. If an employee serves alcohol to an already intoxicated customer, they are punishable either by a fine or confinement in jail. Sometimes, they can be punished by both means.

If the food managers have been convicted of this violation previously, they would have to pay a fine of $500 to $1000 or serve a year or less in jail. Sometimes, food handlers have to do both.

If an employee serves alcohol to a minor, it is considered to be a Class A misdemeanor. They can be fined for about $4000 or less. Or, they might have to serve up to one year in prison. Sometimes, food managers might receive both punishments.

Food handlers need to be aware of all the current food and beverage rules and regulations to ensure that they meet all food safety requirements. The T.A.B.C course' syllabus covers the food safety instructions and the laws concerning food safety. The T.A.B.C course certification holds validity for two years from the issued date. After the expiration, patrons can renew the accreditation through MyCertify.

T.A.B.C covers all the information related to handling alcohol and alcoholic beverages safely. The course also includes information on how to check for valid IDs, how to confirm if a patron at the eatery is already intoxicated, and the appropriate protocol that you should follow if you face such issues at your eatery.

According to the current laws, the T.A.B.C course certification is not a mandatory requirement for food managers. However, many establishments require their employees (bartenders, wait staff, chefs, etc.) to have a T.A.B.C. course certification. Hence, attaining a T.A.B.C course certification will improve the chances of employment for many people.

MyCertify also runs an updated blog. We believe in helping the community in building a healthy lifestyle, and our blog covers all genres of health safety to assist in doing so. We believe in making small healthy choices today, for a healthy life tomorrow. We believe that these blog posts work as a push of motivation towards that healthy future.

To give you some information on our blogs, here are some of the topics that our blog posts have covered recently:

  • Nutritional Benefits of a Healthy Diet
  • Accompanying Strides During the Examination of Foodborne Sickness
  • Shocking Food Safety Violations

MyCertify also helps food handlers in renewing their expired food handler certifications. To renew the certification, you have to log into our website using your MyCertify account and retake the test. You will receive the course certification as soon as you complete the course. After that, you may print the card immediately.

Also, MyCertify understands the off chance of you misplacing or losing the certification. You might also want to have additional copies to be sure. You can print numerous free copies of the certification from our website through the ‘Print Card’ option.

We, at MyCertify, take food safety very seriously. We provide courses and certifications only to ensure that all food managers are aware of the best practices of the industry. We will continue to exercise them and improve the overall health of the patrons. However, if we find any cases of fraudulent or misrepresented identity, MyCertify holds all the rights to invalidate the issued certificates.

MyCertify will note the invalidation in the certificate holder’s record and notify the certificate holder about the incident. The invalidated certificate cannot be used as valid documentation.

We have designed some policies to make it easier for patrons to use our services. We follow those policies religiously to ensure that no customers face any type of issue.

# Price Match Policy

At MyCertify, our mission has always been to provide relatable and easy-to-grasp learning techniques at an affordable price. If you find that there is a different institute offering the food handler course and certification at a lower price, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at support@mycertify.com. We will look into the matter to ensure that you receive the course at a lower price.

At MyCertify, we continuously work towards making people aware of food safety and healthier choices on a day-to-day basis. To learn about our initiatives and sign up for our course, you may visit our website.

# Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our main motto. If our customers feel that they are entitled to a refund, they can contact us. After that, we will look into the matter.

We might take about one to three days to conclude the refund matter. If we move forward with the refund, your account at MyCertify will be deactivated, and your course certification will be invalidated.

We are waiting to hear from you!

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