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TABC + food handler certifications made easy.

Our goal is to provide servers, chefs and bartenders with user-friendly training programs that help them become more confident, competent and prepared food service professionals.

After speaking with several industry veterans, we came to realize something: Obtaining a TABC or food handler certification is often seen as a tolerable necessity, at best. Though many workers recognize the benefits of procuring proper safety and sanitation knowledge, hardly any look forward to the learning programs that provide it.

Clunky user interfaces, obtuse material and lack of mobility are all common complaints. Which is why we decided to design something different: Modern programs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are easy to get through.

Just follow along on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, and you’ll learn everything you need to properly handle food and beverages. With myCertify you can have confidence you are receiving the best training available.

ANSI accreditation, our programs have been designed in accordance with international guidelines and verified by government and peer-reviewed assessments.

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