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Food Handler Online Course

Food safety is one of the most significant concerns that we currently face on a global basis. Keeping allergies and individual diet choices in mind, all food handlers, right from the chef to the wait staff, have to ensure that they meet all the food safety regulations. This will ensure that no harmful disease-carrying bacteria will pass through the establishment of the customer’s plate.

MyCertify believes in taking care of the overall health of the community. We, at MyCertify, have curated specially designed online course for food handlers to ensure that all employees at an eatery keep food safety in mind, right from the time the raw materials reach the eatery to the time it is cooked and served to the customer.

Many states have made it compulsory that all employees in the food industry must be a certified food handler. This certification will ensure that the employees are aware of activities like handling food and beverages, storing them in a safe food environment, understanding which food items should not be paired with each other, cooking and serving food at the right temperature, among others.

Some of the reasons why states and employers prefer their employees to be a certified food handler are as follows:

  1. A certified food handler would understand the seriousness of failing food safety. The chances of spreading viruses, bacteria, and diseases are higher if the food handlers do not practice hygienic storage practices.

  2. Not all food items need to be cooked at the same temperature; they require different temperatures and different styles of cooking. If the chefs fail to process these food items in an intended manner, the risk of spreading bacteria or giving ways for customers to have health issues increases.

  3. Many customers have food allergies that could potentially harm them if ignored. Medical science has improved extensively to be able to provide knowledge to patients about their allergies and provide possible precautions to avoid sickness. While cooking and handling a dish, the chef and wait staff need to ensure that the allergies are noted and incorporated. Only a certified food handler will be able to ensure complete safety in such matters.

  4. Many people practice different dietary types. Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, and Weight Watchers are just some of the popular diet types in the US. Food handlers need to be aware of the diet-specific restrictions and prepare food accordingly. A certified food handler will know about the diet-specific limits and will ensure the delivery of food accordingly.

  5. The number of customers who are aware of the importance of keeping the impending causalities of food safety is increasing continuously. With the increasing number, customers look for eateries that ensure the utmost food safety. There is nothing that screams food safety better than certified food handlers, and this steers more customers your way.

Once the candidates have completed the Food Handler Online Course, they can take up the test that they need to complete to be eligible for their course certification card. The questionnaire contains 40 questions; while some states mandate answering all 40 questions correctly to be able to complete their food handler course successfully, about five states have a different set of target numbers that candidates should achieve to complete their course certification.

This is why the course details are shared with candidates based on their respective states. All the required information about their respective states will be available in the course material sent to the candidates.

MyCertify works towards meeting all these requirements and more to create a healthy life for as many people as possible. At MyCertify, we have designed a state-specific food handler online course to ensure that all rules and regulations of the Food Safety Department for specific states are met.

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider MyCertify for your food handler certification:

  1. There is a nation-wide recognition for the certification provided by us. Finding a job was never easier if you relocated to a different state.

  2. The MyCertify Food Handler certification has five years of validity throughout the country.

  3. At MyCertify, we wish to make it easier for all intended food handlers to take up the course and get certified with little-to-no effort. Keeping this in mind, we provide a food handler course in English, Espanol, and Mandarin.

  4. All MyCertify courses are self-paced. The Food Handler Online Course would take up about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete; however, all candidates can stop at any point, save their progress, and continue whenever feasible.

  5. The MyCertify website and the course materials are all supported by computers and hand-held devices alike. Many of our patrons testify that this option works out well for them. They can complete the course on the go without having to wait for enough free time to start up their computers.

  6. MyCertify’s Food Handler Online Course is ANSI certified. Our training programs are designed in agreement with the international food safety guidelines and verified by the government. The courses are also peer-reviewed promptly to ensure that quality is maintained.

  7. MyCertify allows the customers to reprint their certifications as many times as they need for free. The course charge published on our website is all that you have to pay for the lifetime support, irrespective of what the issue is.

  8. Since the certification’s validity expires after five years, MyCertify sends notifications to customers three months before their food handler’s card expires. This feature allows customers to prepare for the re-test and certification.

  9. At MyCertify, we provide discounts to corporate establishments with multiple employees and customers looking to purchase numerous courses. Corporate customers can contact us at 915-204-4045, and we will be happy to work out a price that best suits both parties.

  10. At MyCertify, we run offers to provide the Food Handler Online Course at a further discounted rate. Coupon code “CERTIFY” for $2 off, “LONESTAR” for $2 off, and other cut-out coupons for $5 off are some examples of the past offers that we’ve had on our website.

Additionally, we are certain about the quality of our courses. Therefore, we have a refund policy in place. If the customers feel that they deserve a refund for certain reasons, they are more than welcome to email us at We will issue a full refund for the course if we see that a customer is eligible.

MyCertify also has a policy called Price Match. We work towards making the Food Handler Online Course as affordable as possible for all interested candidates. We aim to provide the lowest course price to our customers. However, if you find that there is a different institute that is offering the food handler course and certification at a lower price, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at We will look into the matter to ensure that you receive a lower price.

MyCertify is one of the leading Food Handler Online Course providers. We ensure that all of the mentioned policies are followed religiously. We believe that this will ensure both food safety and ease for candidates to complete and receive their Food Handler Online Course certification.

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