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Food Handlers Online Course Alabama

ANSI-Accredited Training

MyCertify offers a nationally recognized and ANSI-certified course for food handlers certification in Alabama. This easy-to-complete and engaging course will help you in becoming a certified food handler. To know more about this course, please Click Here!


Food Handler Certification Alabama

ANSI-Accredited Certification

MyCertify provides the Food Handlers certification Alabama to you if you complete our short and entertaining Food Handlers Test Online Course. To know more about the certification that will give you an extra edge over others in the food industry, please Click Here!


Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to show everyone that you are one step ahead and are aware of everything there is to know about food safety in Alabama? All that you have to do is enroll in our Food Handlers Online Course and pass the test to become a certified food handler!

Alabama MyCertify Food Handlers

Is MyCertify’s Alabama Food Manager Certification Online Test on your menu yet? A Safe Food Handling Certificate is essential for every food worker in Alabama; whether you’re a cook, a server, a bartender, or even a dishwasher. This certification will help you in many aspects of your job. Our certification demonstrates your qualities and knowledge to the public and shows that you care about food and customer safety. We are one of the leaders in providing the Food Handling Course Online, and we want you to learn with us. To view the regulations and laws regarding food safety in Alabama, please click here.

For Schools

Our commitment to education is not a marketing gimmick. We care about you and your education. Our commitment not only extends to middle schools but also to high schools. Any public school in Alabama can use our online Food Handlers training and testing. We believe in preparing the students for their future in the food industry from an early age!

For Non-Profits

We believe in social service and care. That’s why we want the food handlers of the non-profit organizations of Alabama to be well prepared for food safety while they move forward with their social work. We believe that a healthier organization can create a healthier future and a healthier world.

For Business

Companies thrive with success when multiple enterprises work together for the same goals. Therefore, we allow other individuals and businesses to be affiliated with us. Businesses can always register at our website to start a business proposition with us. After that, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further on the topic.

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 So affordable! I definitely recommend Alabama MyCertify!

Erin Bronner

School District Director, Creighton School District

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School District Director, Creighton School District

 So affordable! I definitely recommend Alabama MyCertify!

Jerri Ferro

Compliance Specialist, Creighton School District