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We, at MyCertify Arkansas, offer you an engaging, interesting, and easy way to get your ANSI-accredited Food Handler certificate while ensuring that you get your certification at the lowest cost possible and minimal effort. Being one of the leaders in providing the food safety course required to attain the Food Handler certification Arkansas in all fifty states of the US, MyCertify has been offering a specially-tailored food safety course for the ones seeking the certification.

Every state in the US accepts and recognizes the Food Handler certification Arkansas that we will provide to you. The certification will represent your professionalism in the food industry. Additionally, our food safety certificate will still be valid even if you move or migrate.

MyCertify Arkansas offers the Food Handler Card Online / Food Handler Course Arkansas in three different languages – English, Spanish, and Mandarin. At MyCertfy Arkansas, we wholeheartedly believe in diversity.

With the Food Safety Certificate, you will be able to show your fantastic potential to the people hiring food handler card for their famous and large food establishments. If you have the Food Handler certificate, the employers will view you as a highly capable individual who knows what he’s doing.

Our Food Handler License & Food Handler Course Online is supported on all PC and mobile devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, and more. You can also stop and start from your saved point whenever you like.

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MyCertify is trusted by more than [xxx] food handlers all around the US. We have been providing food handler license, proper guidance and training to everyone seeking a Food Handler certification in the US. Want to get certified right now? Click the link below to learn more about the Food Handler certification.

Food Handler Certification

For Business

At MyCertify Arkansas, we have made it easier for businesses and companies in Arkansas to manage the training of their food workers. Please contact us to set up the Food Handlers Online Course for your employees. We allow businesses to manage employee certificates, determine the status of training needs, and set up a payment account with AMAZING DISCOUNTS! Companies achieve more success when they work with other enterprises towards the same goals. At
MyCertify, we also allow businesses and individuals to be affiliated with us. You are always welcome to start a business proposition with us!

For Educational Institutes and Schools

We care about you and your education. Our commitment not only extends to middle schools but also to high schools and other educational institutions in the State of Arkansas. Any school in Arkansas can use our online Food Handlers training and testing. We believe in preparing the students for their future in
the food industry from an early age!

For Those Needing Help

MyCerfity Arkansas’s commitment to food safety and education is an integral part of our mission statement. We will provide free and low-cost services to schools, non-profits, and those who don’t have enough money to pay for our Food Handler Online Course. We also believe in social service and care. That’s why we want the food handlers of the non-profit organizations of Arkansas to be well prepared for food safety and public health. Thereafter, they can move forward with their social work in their best health. We believe that a healthier organization can
create a healthier future and a healthier world.