Are you aware of the fact that the State of Alaska has made it mandatory for all food workers to be a
certified food handler?

Every food handler in Alaska must indeed possess a state-approved Food
Handler certificate.

Are you someone who wants to become a food handler in Alaska but don’t possess a Food Handler Certificate?

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Our Food Handlers Online Course is just what you need. The ANSI-accredited course will present you
with knowledge, information, and training on activities, including storing food and beverages in a safe
environment, handling them properly, understanding the food items that should not be paired together,
cooking and serving food at the right temperature, preventing disease outbreaks and allergies, and
When you complete the course and pass the test, you will be recognized as a CERTIFIED FOOD HANDLER!

What makes our Food Handlers Online Course different?

MyCertify’s course curriculum is based on the infotainment system. This means that the course will not only train you but also entertain you while doing so. Our main goal is to make it exciting and easy for you to learn all the course content without getting bored or tired.
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While there are many features of the Food Handlers Online Course Alaska, you can find some notable features
of our course below:
● ANSI-Accredited
● Nationwide Recognition
● Valid for 5 Years in Alaska
● Available in 3 Languages (English, Espanol, and Mandarin)
● Self-Paced Course
● Supported in All Computer and Hand-Held Devices
● Unlimited and Free Certificate Reprints

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