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Do employees really need certifications?

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor or HR professional, the success of your establishment depends on one thing: Hiring the right people and training them to do a great job. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day and it’s not uncommon for important pieces of information to “fall through the cracks.” But that doesn’t mean it’s OK.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011 contaminated food caused 47.8 million illnesses in the United States. Although this includes food eaten at home, and places besides restaurants, the number is telling – the hands-on training provided by management sometimes isn’t enough to provide all of the information needed to safely handle foods and beverages. The solution?

Comprehensive food handler + TABC training programs that fill in the gaps.

In addition to its effect on patrons, improper food handling can cost an organization thousands of dollars in lawsuits, ultimately resulting in a closure. State governments have been taking notice of such events and are increasingly passing legislation requiring food handler certifications for restaurant and hospitality workers.

At this time, the successful completion of an accredited food handler training program is a requirement in 5 states: Arizona, California, Illinois, Oregon and Texas. Over the next several years, legislative requirements are expected to continue passing in subsequent states. But savvy restaurant managers and owners aren’t waiting for that to happen – they’re requiring staff to get certified now.

The Benefits At a Glance

Increased Confidence

As with any profession, the competence you gain in one area will translate to others.

Peace of Mind

Feel good knowing you’re taking care of patrons by following safety standards.

Opportunities for Advancement

By taking the initiative to get certified, you’re showing your employer you’re a professional.

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Why myCertify?

We set-out to create a program for the people! That means it’s designed to be user-friendly, comprehensive and easy to understand.

Self-Paced Mobile Responsive Lowest Price Guaranteed*

Your staff will appreciate our mobile responsive features – allowing them to conveniently complete training from cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Finally, we’ve created our programs in alignment with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - a U.S. leader in standards and conformity assessment for both the business and public good. All program material, presentation and formatting have been through peer-reviewed committees to ensure the highest quality educational standards were met.

*Disclaimer: MyCertify does not warrant full accuracy of information. If you have any doubts about the certification requirements in your area, please contact your local governmental agency.

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