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T.A.B.C Course

T.A.B.C Seller Training

Did you know selling alcohol to an already intoxicated person is a criminal offense? If that person becomes ill, drives while drunk, or commits a crime while intoxicated, you can be liable. Laws constantly change and vary from state to state, so it’s crucial that you understand the dynamics of these laws and regulations.

If you are a part of the highly competitive food and drink industry, you absolutely must understand your obligations concerning the law. Common sense should never be abandoned, either. So, how can you learn about the constantly changing laws and regulations the selling of alcohol? Enroll in our T.A.B.C. course.

Why Food Handlers of Texas?

We are highly informed and up-to-date with each and every law-- static or changing. The course that you will be introduced to is informative, and of course, detailed. The best part is that you won’t need hours to complete it!

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