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If you’re a server, bartender or chef, your employer (and state) may require you to obtain a food handler or TABC certification.

Though it may seem like yet another hurdle in face of your primary goal – getting to work and making money – there are actually several benefits to learning how to properly handle food and beverages.

The reality is the average restaurant is a busy place. Your manager has a lot on their plate (pun intended). And sometimes, despite their best efforts, small details on how to safely service customers fail to be communicated. Which is why many states are now requiring restaurant and hospitality employees to participate in accredited training programs.

The Benefits At a Glance

Increased Confidence

As with any profession, the competence you gain in one area will translate to others.

Peace of Mind

Feel good knowing you’re taking care of patrons by following safety standards.

Opportunities for Advancement

By taking the initiative to get certified, you’re showing your employer you’re a professional.

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Why myCertify?

We set-out to create a program for the people! Our goal was to make it user-friendly, comprehensive and easy to understand. All courses are:

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Furthermore, we’ve created our programs in alignment with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - a U.S. leader in standards and conformity assessment for both the business and public good. All program material, presentation and formatting have been through peer-reviewed committees to ensure the highest quality educational standards were met.

*Disclaimer: MyCertify does not warrant full accuracy of information. If you have any doubts about the certification requirements in your area, please contact your local governmental agency.

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