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T.A.B.C Course

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) course is an online course that provides information on handling alcohol and alcoholic beverages at an eatery.

Selling alcohol or alcoholic drugs to an already intoxicated person is a huge criminal offense. If this person becomes ill due to over drinking, drives under the influence of alcohol, or commits a crime while being intoxicated, you will be held liable for the crime for serving alcohol to an already drunk customer.

If food handlers serve alcohol to an already intoxicated customer, they might have to pay a fine or serve a year or less in jail. If the food handlers have been convicted of this violation previously, they would have to pay a fine of $500 to $1000 or serve a year or less in jail. Sometimes, food handlers have to do both.

If food handlers sell alcohol to a minor, they can be fined for $4,000 or less. Alternatively, they might have to serve up to one year in jail. Sometimes, food handlers have to do both.

However, this is not popular information among bartenders, wait staff, or even the owners of the eateries. Food-Related laws change constantly. Also, food safety laws are different in different states. It is essential to ensure that the owners and employees of the eateries are aware of these rules and regulations and are updated on the laws regularly.

The T.A.B.C. course certification is valid for two years from the issued date, and food handlers can re-apply for the course certification once it expires.

The food industry, just like any other industry in the current market, is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of your obligations about the current law to have a happy clientele and a successful business.

Though the T.A.B.C. course certification is not a mandatory requirement as per the current law, many establishments require their employees to have a T.A.B.C. course certification. The course covers various areas, including how strong an alcoholic beverage is, how to identify if a customer is already under the influence of alcohol, and the verification of government ID. Therefore, many eateries find that the employees with the T.A.B.C course certification can handle the job a lot more responsibly.

Being a T.A.B.C certified food handler will give you the extra edge if you are looking for a new job or even if you already have a job. Completion of the T.A.B.C course certification will provide you a sense of increased confidence, knowing that the course has improved your competence.

The T.A.B.C course certification will also present you with higher chances of advancement in your field when compared to your co-workers.

Many eateries request their current employees – especially the employees handling alcoholic beverages – and the new hires to complete the T.A.B.C. course certification to be eligible for the job.

A little common sense will make a person go a long way. Learning about the continually changing laws is also vital to ensure that you are at the top of your game.

MyCertify works closely with the Food Safety Department to ensure that our syllabus is created to cover all new rules and regulations related to food safety. Here are some of the main reasons why you may want to consider choosing MyCertify for your T.A.B.C course:

  1. Be it the static or the ever-changing rules, we are aware of the course material, and we alter the course material according to the current food safety rules and regulations at MyCertify. In doing so, we ensure that all candidates that apply to the T.A.B.C course are not only saving themselves from breaking the law but also are helping the customers in making healthy choices and living a healthy life.
  2. The T.A.B.C course is designed to ensure that all candidates can understand and incorporate the training in their day-to-day work life. For candidates to be able to connect to the material with ease, we always create an informative and exciting schedule. At MyCertify, we believe in curating the infotainment syllabus and training so that we can provide a training session that candidates will not forget by the time they end up at their respective jobs.
  3. Since T.A.B.C. is an online course, it is easier for both students and professionals to apply, complete the course, and get certified. Even a working professional can easily complete the course certification because they can take the course in their own time, making the T.A.B.C course a feasible option for everyone.
  4. The T.A.B.C. online course is designed to cover information about alcohol, whom to serve alcohol, and other related information in a detailed and informative way. This makes it easier for candidates to understand the training document and link it better to their work routine.
  5. At MyCertify, we also understand that all candidates might not be interested in or satisfied with an online T.A.B.C. course. Hence, we have curated a classroom training program for those willing to participate. Candidates who want to sign up for the classroom training can visit our official address (7501, Lockheed Drive, Suite A, El Paso, Tx - 79925) and take part in the class.
  6. MyCertify also conducts on-site training classes. We understand that large businesses might not find it feasible to have all employees take up individual training sessions at a time convenient to them. We also schedule training sessions at locations preferred by our customers at a convenient time so that all employees can take the T.A.B.C course and get certified.
  7. Also, if you take up the Food Handler Online Course and get certified, you will receive a $5 discount on the T.A.B.C course’s fee.
  8. Our T.A.B.C online course can be accessed on both computers and hand-held devices. We understand that all candidates don’t have enough time to log in to their computers and complete the course. With our mobile-compatible website and course material, you can get the T.A.B.C course certification on the go!
  9. The T.A.B.C. online course takes up about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete; however, MyCertify’s T.A.B.C online course is self-paced. Therefore, you are free to pause, save your progress, and restart the course at any time that suits you the best. This feature will let you complete the T.A.B.C online course at a convenient time.
  10. The T.A.B.C course covers an extensive set of information such as checking for valid government IDs, telling if a patron is already intoxicated, and the procedure to follow in such cases.
  11. MyCertify offers a refund policy if you are unsatisfied with us for any unfortunate reason.

MyCertify is determined to provide a seamless experience to all food handlers interested in getting their T.A.B.C course certification completed. Be it the online course, classroom, or the on-site training course, MyCertify will follow through and provide the best and the most affordable learning experience to all the customers.

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